Make premium cocktails at the touch of a button

Our perfectly balanced and mixed capsules combine with your favorite spirit to give you the perfect drink every time

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Bartesian devices ordered in July 2019 ship August 2019.
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Bartesian Specs

Compatible Spirits Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey
Capsule Mixes

Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned, Uptown Rocks, Whiskey Sour, Margarita, Rum Breeze

Coming Soon: Gimlet, Gin Martini, Long Island Iced Tea, Mango Margarita, Peach Margarita
Dimensions 12.5”x12.75”x12.25”
Drink Strength Mocktail, light, regular, strong (double)
Care Wash with damp cloth, materials dishwasher safe

How it works



Insert Cocktail Capsule

Once a capsule is inserted, Bartesian instantly identifies your cocktail selection, which spirit will be automatically drawn, and even suggests glassware.



Select Strength + Press Mix

User-friendly touch screen allows you to select your strength, from mocktail to double.


Creates Cocktail In Seconds

Bartesian dispenses your authentic, customized cocktail in seconds.

Common Questions

What is Bartesian, how does it work?
Bartesian is an innovative, effortless way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails on demand at the press of a button. Bartesian was made to not only be perfect at home, but for Food Service/Hospitality applications as well.
You’ll stock your Bartesian with the base spirits: Vodka, Tequila, Whisky, Gin/Rum as well as water. Then, select the appropriate Bartesian recyclable cocktail capsule which contains all of the bitters, extracts, and juice concentrates that would otherwise need to be individually sourced, purchased and stored.
Once the capsule is inserted into Bartesian, the cocktail is immediately identified and suggests proper glassware on the user interface touchscreen. Bartesian then prompts the user to customize the pour strength of the drink ranging from mocktail to strong, then simply press 'Mix'
Bartesian will automatically and precisely draw the spirits and water over their own independent lines. They mix with the cocktail capsule contents and then are dispensed in seconds. When done, Bartesian auto rinses and is ready for the next premium cocktail.
You can watch a video of Bartesian in action here.
Is there alcohol in Bartesian cocktail capsules?
No. Our cocktail capsules contain everything needed beyond the alcohol to make your favorite cocktails—including bitters, extracts, and juice concentrates.
Which spirits do I stock my Bartesian with?
Bartesian has dedicated reservoirs for Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, and Gin/Rum.
Can I use any brand of spirit I want?
Absolutely. Bartesian gives you the freedom to use your personal favorites.
What are the Bartesian bottles made of, how much can they hold?
The Bartesian bottles are made of dishwasher safe glass and each comfortably holds 26oz of spirit.
Do your cocktail capsules expire? Do I keep them in my fridge?
Our cocktail capsules are dated to indicate when they will taste freshest if stored at room temperature. While not required, we recommend refrigerating your capsules—this greatly extends the freshness.
Can I customize the strength of my cocktail?
Yes! Using the Bartesian touchscreen, you can customize your cocktail pour strength from mocktail to strong.
Does Bartesian require a smartphone app to operate?
No. Bartesian’s intuitive operation is done entirely via its simple touchscreen interface.
How do the drinks taste?
Each of our craft cocktails tastes excellent and authentic. We've worked with expert mixologists to create premium quality cocktails with premium quality taste. Our award winning product has been tested and proven at luxury events across North America.
Are the drinks made from powder?
Absolutely not. Each capsule contains concentrated liquid ingredients—fruit juices, bitters, and non-alcoholic liqueurs, so they taste as fresh as possible.
What variety of drinks can Bartesian make?
The possibilities are endless! While there are so many great cocktails, we had to choose just seven to launch with. However, we are actively developing additional recipes, and would love to know which cocktails you’d love to see featured in our lineup! You can send requests to
Do I have to use a cocktail shaker?
No need, Bartesian does all the hard work and mixing for you.
Is there a warranty?
Yes, there is a 12-month limited warranty on the Bartesian Cocktail Maker. Feel free to reach out to our support team any time at or 1.833.501.6889 with any questions or concerns.
Where can I buy Bartesian?
Bartesian is available now via our website here.
How do I clean my Bartesian?
Bartesian has an automated self-rinse cycle for simple upkeep. Simply select the desired cleaning cycle and sit back while the system internally cleanses the lines. Each of the liquor bottles is also easily removable and dishwasher safe.
Press a button and it does everything for you
— Steve Noviello, Emmy award-winning consumer reporter, KDFW Dallas
Don’t worry about buying ingredients to make your favorite cocktails. You get everything in the Bartesian capsules.
— Digital Trends (ES)
Shockingly delicious. Drink tasted like was made by a bartender.
— James F, Colton, CA